Welcome, we are Burdyri Swordfighters...

We are Burdyri - Professional Sword and Stage Combat Team from Prague.
Burdyri has been performing all around Europe since its foundation in 1978, composed by professional stuntmen specialized in Sword and Stage Combat.
Live Shows, Theatres and Movie Productions are our bread and butter.

live show
Live show
Burdyri - live show

Burdyri live show

The group of stage and historical fencing Burdyri was founded in 1978 and is undoubtedly one of the groups with the longest tradition in Czech Republic. Our activity exceeds more than forty seasons full of continuous series of performances not only in Czech Republic, but also in many other European countries. We often perform in Germany, Austria and Italy and you can meet us also on stages of other European countries such as Poland, Slovakia and Denmark.

Burdyri - Knightfall

Burdyri in cinema

Burdyri stunt team is composed by experienced stunt performers. With our specialization in fencing and stage combat, we focus on creating the most spectacular fight choreographies for various movie projects - from the videos for music bands to the biggest international movie productions. We provide training for the actors and create compelling action choreographies - everything from fencing duels to the furious raging battles.

Burdyri - Troja RockOpera

Burdyri on stage

We are based in the beautiful city of Prague - the beating heart of Europe with its rich history and long tradition for the performing arts. Burdyri sword fighters regularly perform on the renown stages of the local theatres. We bring into play the most exciting stage combat performances. Showing illusion of danger, while maintaining the utmost safety for the actors.

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